Guest Post: A Tale of Two Clickies

By Ponce

These are my two pens. One, stolen from a hotel is a constant disappointment, unreliable and weak, it is my responsibility so I do my best to love it in spite of its fatal flaws. The other, a delight! Ever surprising me with its use and charms, even now the thought of ink flowing smoothly over its nib brings joy to my heart. Imagining the smooth action as the push button engages the thrust tube to reveal or enclose its worldly ballpoint is the highlight of my day and the clip! How could I forget! The way it bravely grasps my pocket and never lets the wind tear it away the way it rests against my thumb as I write my thoughts, an anchor to keep me from sailing adrift upon the vastness of my ponderings. What a pen! What a friend! My only love and confidant my we never be parted!


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