Biketown Rack-a-thon Alley Cat

Friday May 25th 8am – 5pm

The rules are simple. Accumulate as many Biketown credits as possible using your free day pass. Credits can be earned two ways. First returning a stray bike to a rack will earn you 1 BikeBuck. Second moving bikes to a rack on the app map that has a $ above it will also earn a BikeBuck. Grind bikes to victory!

So here’s how it’s going to work:

  • Email me a screenshot of your Biketown account balance
  • Check out the app map and make a plan
  • Start racking! The clock is ticking.
  • When your time runs out email me a screenshot of your ending balance
  • Biggest change in balance wins

I’ll have HOBOTECH tees for the top Male and WTF at Bar XV at 5pm. If you can’t come to the bar to pick up I’ll get it to you some other way.

You have all week to practice. And if you don’t win you still get to keeps all those sweet credits.


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