The Zebra or the Unicorn of Messenger Pens

Solid all metal construction, crappy waterproof oil ink, very satisfying click, there are few downsides to the Zebra. Really the only complaint is these are never free. Check your ethics at the office door if you want one. Also according to one messenger in a pinch the Zebra makes a serviceable one-hitter.


One comment on “The Zebra or the Unicorn of Messenger Pens

  1. Originally designed only as a compliment to prescription pads, the zebra has managed to capitalize on its undeserved hype for too long. How could something this heavy be so expensive? See you at the back of the pack. Also good luck not losing it immediately. Maybe it’s the pen for you if value the appearance of sophistication over actual usefulness and have some infinite trust fund to spend on replacements, but I’ll stick with the G2.


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